Blum is an international company that specializes in the production of functional furniture fittings. The company’s main product groups are lift, hinge, and box and pull-out systems for furniture – in particular for kitchen furniture.

The specialist amongst Adhesive Manufacturers. Adhesive bonding is the bonding technology of the future. KLEIBERIT strategy is to continue to provide new innovations for a wide field of applications.

LEUCO, your competent partner of premium tools for the woodworking and furniture industry. LEUCO quality tools for the machining of wood, wood-based panels and composite materials.

IZAR CUTTING TOOLS, S.A.L. is a social economy company which manufactures and distributes cutting tools (drill bits, end mills, taps…) for industrial & professional uses.

NASTROFLEX occupies a leading position in the production and conversion coated abrasives for sanding surfaces. In 1985 NASTROFLEX acquired Abrasive Industrial, holder trademark Gringo, a historic Milan-based manufacturer of abrasives paper finishing and refinishing products for industrial applications.

SCHMALZ the world’s leading partner for vacuum technology in automation, handling and clamping applications. The SCHMALZ Vacuum clamping systems for CNC machining centers make set-up times short and enable efficient all-round machining of work pieces. Schmaltz offers clamping solutions for CNC machining centers whether they are being equipped for the first time or existing machines are being updated.

SUGATSUNE has a rich tradition of manufacturing and distributing high-quality cabinet hardware, including stainless steel hinges, lid stays, door handles, drawer slides, magnetic catches and latches. Stainless steel hinges, drawer slides, and lid stays combine unparalleled quality, design and meticulous attention to detail.

High quality and competitively priced range of fittings source from around the world

“Thinking Metal” is a philosophy that guides Valenti in shaping ideas into quality products that are useful and attractive. Valenti can customize a variety of styles and finishes for pull handles, door handles, knobs, banisters, handrails or decorative curtain finishes. At VALENTI believe that useful products can be made beautiful to compliment space and style.

The family Ghidin i, for eighty years, have been successfully operating in the field of handles, constantly following these two guidelines which have always distinguished their products over the years: the harmonious union of tradition and innovation and careful care of their qualitative aspect.

Samuel Heath design and manufacture high quality taps, showers, bathroom accessories and architectural hardware in classic and contemporary style. Each piece is made from the finest materials and hand finished with the utmost care for you to enjoy for years to come.

Perkomatic® offers the ultimate in uncontrolled concealed door closing devices.

A leading company in the hardware business has been standing in the market for 25 years, building up a reliable and meaningful experience in the manufacturing and selling of sliding systems for furniture and doors.

Hillaldam Coburn Ltd a leading UK manufacturer of sliding door gear celebrates 100 years operating in the UK. Hillaldam Coburn has a history of commitment to quality and technical development. Products are always produced to the appropriate British Standards and the company was one of the first industries to have operating procedures approved under the BS EN ISO 9001.

Hawa architectural hardware always looks good, even in limited surroundings. Ever since Hawa’s earliest days, we have always made substantial investments in our production facilities.

Offers exclusive door, window and furniture fittings and special bathroom accessories. From door handles to window handles and from soap dispensers to toilet brush accessories, the brands innovative and high quality products may be found in interior concepts worldwide. They provide the details which turn an interior into a unified whole.